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At Miller Underground, we understand the critical importance of keeping your sewer systems in peak condition. With a steadfast commitment to excellence and a team of skilled professionals, we offer a comprehensive range of services to ensure the reliability and efficiency of your sewer infrastructure.

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Our Services

Catch Basin Cleaning:

Safeguard your community from potential flooding and water damage with our meticulous catch basin cleaning service. Our expert technicians remove debris and blockages, allowing for the smooth flow of stormwater, and maintaining the integrity of your catch basins.

Hydro Excavation:

Embrace the safest and most precise excavation method with our hydro excavation service. Our cutting-edge equipment enables non-destructive digging, minimizing the risk of damaging underground utilities and structures.

CCTV Inspection:

Unravel the mysteries within your sewer lines through our advanced Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV) inspection. Our high-resolution cameras meticulously examine every inch of your pipes, identifying cracks, leaks, and other potential issues, ensuring the longevity of your sewer system.

CCTV Locates:

Avoid the guesswork with our accurate CCTV locates. Our expert technicians map the exact location of your sewer lines, streamlining construction planning and minimizing disruptions.

CCTV Lateral Launch:

Experience unparalleled efficiency in inspecting lateral sewer lines with our innovative CCTV lateral launch service. Our state-of-the-art technology enables us to navigate and assess lateral lines, providing comprehensive insights into their condition.

Low Pressure Air Testing:

Detect leaks and vulnerabilities before they escalate with our precise low-pressure air testing service. Ensure the structural integrity of your sewer pipes, enhancing the reliability of your entire system.

Deflection Testing:

Proactively safeguard your sewer infrastructure with our deflection testing service. Our thorough examinations identify structural weaknesses, allowing for timely repairs and preventing potential failures.

Sewer Cleaning / Flushing

Our advanced equipment guarantees debris, sediment, and blockage removal, restoring sewer network flow. Committed to sustainability, our eco-friendly methods meet all regulations. Count on Miller Underground for superior sewer cleaning, from routine to emergencies, ensuring community well-being and a cleaner environment.

COMING SOON! Spot Repairs:

Address sewer issues promptly and effectively with our spot repair service. Our skilled technicians provide targeted repairs, ensuring seamless functionality and preventing further damage.

At Miller Underground, we take pride in maintaining the health and longevity of your sewer systems. Trust us to keep your infrastructure in peak condition. Contact us today to schedule an inspection and experience the precision and professionalism that sets us apart.

Latest Projects

EBC/BESSAC JV of the Fairbanks to Keelsedale Tunnel Project

Miller Underground played a crucial role in this tunnel project for Toronto’s Basement Flooding Prevention Program. We provided essential planning details of surrounding sewers, enabling proper CCTV assessment. Currently, a Full Pre-Construction survey is underway, covering approximately 20,000 meters of sewer and 2000 lateral connections within a 100-meter radius of the main tunnel and adjoining micro-tunnels.

Memme - Victoria Park Basement Flood Prevention Program

Miller Underground embarked on our first large-scale project three years ago, and it is now nearing completion, set to conclude by September 2023. Combining both Pre-Construction and Final Construction surveys, an impressive total of approximately 30,000 meters of sewer will have been meticulously cleaned and surveyed, showcasing our dedication to excellence in construction and surveying expertise.

KAPP - Roycrest Basement Flooding Prevention Program

Miller Underground played a vital role in the KAPP – Roycrest Basement Flooding Prevention program. Over the course of both pre and post-construction phases, we meticulously cleaned and conducted video surveys of approximately 15,000 meters of critical infrastructure. Our efficient efforts ensured the successful completion of the project in the late fall of 2022, enhancing flood prevention measures and safeguarding the community.

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