Our Construction Projects

Our team of seasoned professionals, cutting-edge technology, and strict adherence to safety standards ensure a seamless construction process. With an impressive portfolio of successful ventures, we deliver on time and within budget, exceeding expectations every time. Join Miller Underground in shaping the landscape of tomorrow, as we build the foundation for a brighter future, one project at a time.

EBC/BESSAC JV of the Fairbanks to Keelsedale tunnel project

Miller Underground played a crucial role in this tunnel project for Toronto’s Basement Flooding Prevention Program. We provided essential planning details of surrounding sewers, enabling proper CCTV assessment. Currently, a Full Pre-Construction survey is underway, covering approximately 20,000 meters of sewer and 2000 lateral connections within a 100-meter radius of the main tunnel and adjoining micro-tunnels.

Memme - Victoria Park Basement Flood Prevention Program

Miller Underground embarked on our first large-scale project three years ago, and it is now nearing completion, set to conclude by September 2023. Combining both Pre-Construction and Final Construction surveys, an impressive total of approximately 30,000 meters of sewer will have been meticulously cleaned and surveyed, showcasing our dedication to excellence in construction and surveying expertise.

KAPP - Roycrest Basement Flooding Prevention program

Miller Underground played a vital role in the KAPP – Roycrest Basement Flooding Prevention program. Over the course of both pre and post-construction phases, we meticulously cleaned and conducted video surveys of approximately 15,000 meters of critical infrastructure. Our efficient efforts ensured the successful completion of the project in the late fall of 2022, enhancing flood prevention measures and safeguarding the community.

Coco Paving, now GIP, - QEW Credit River reconstruction and realignment

Coco Paving, now GIP, entrusted Miller Underground with the exclusive source contract for the comprehensive cleaning and CCTV needs of the prestigious QEW Credit River reconstruction and realignment project. Recognized for our exceptional expertise, Miller Underground’s specialized team is dedicated to ensuring the project’s sewer infrastructure remains in top condition, guaranteeing the highest standards of safety and efficiency throughout the entire venture.

Metrolinx - Ontario Transit Group - Clearway Ontario Line Subway

Miller Underground collaborates with Clearway Construction, delivering vital Cleaning, CCTV, and Hydro-Excavation services for sewer systems affected by the Ontario Line construction. Additionally, an agreement with Ontario Transit Group designates us as the primary provider for Cleaning & CCTV Services, spanning approximately 100,000 man hours (25,000 truck hours) during the projected 9-year contract life.

Technicore - Peel Region East-West Sanitary Trunk diversion

Miller Underground is set to play a crucial role by providing comprehensive Cleaning and CCTV services for more than 60,000 meters of sewer, encompassing the tunnels’ proposed footprint during both pre and post-construction phases. As the project commences its initial stages, Miller Underground’s expertise and dedication are geared towards achieving a successful completion by 2025.